Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Art of Healing

Like a lot of folks, my sinuses and allergies have been hit hard by the change of seasons. I feel like I have been battling a cold/infection/allergies or most likely some combination of the these for the past three weeks.  Undoubtedly, when I mention that I'm not feeling great, someone says something about chicken soup (they clearly don't know me too well), Vitamin C or any other number of remedies that supposedly help aid those under the weather. 

I have to be honest - none of these seem to work. I don't really like soup in general (even the vegetarian variety), and I take vitamins every day anyways. I do find, though, that certain things almost always seem to make me feel better, even if only for a few minutes here and there. 
  • A good laugh: there are certain people that almost never fail to make me laugh, and if I'm feeling up to conversation, I chat with them (online or text - the phone is my nemesis when I don't feel well). There are a handful of people I'm especially close to that will lift my spirits. As a poor substitute, if none of them are available I read  I'm serious. It's hysterical, as long as you don't mind a little "not safe for work" humor and aren't easily offended. If you are, stay off the site. If you aren't, I highly suggest it for a good laugh. 
  • Cinn: yes, my adorable, plump, sweet Cinn always makes me smile. She's a great snuggler and seems to know when her mom isn't feeling well. She gives me those sad eyes that say "I'm sorry you're sick" and offers me the doggy version of a hug (you know, with her forehead and nose nuzzled against me). 
  • Bronson: my newest addition to this list. If you don't know who Bronson is, he's the pygmy elephant from Borneo that was adopted for me for my birthday. His picture sits on the window sill with my other elephant things. He's adorable, and knowing that the adoption in my name helped save him is amazing. I just look at his picture and I smile. I wish I could snuggle him too.
  • Fresh flowers: I try to always keep fresh flowers in my apartment. It's currently an orchid, which sits in the window alongside my meditation candle. Other times I have fresh lilies. The colors, the smell and just the beauty of these makes me smile. 
  • Coffee: Yes, coffee. I love it - the smell, the taste, the sound of it brewing.  There's something about sipping it slowly and enjoying the taste that's almost meditative for me. I know this sounds weird, it's hard to explain. It's my happy place and it cheers me up. If I've already had to much, decaf will suffice. I enjoy it that much. 
 *Note: I didn't have an actual picture of coffee (go figure), but I put this picture of my sister and I in here because we actually stopped drinking coffee to take this picture (seriously, we're at a hotel having breakfast). If you haven't known me for too long, this is what I look like with long hair.... 

  • Music: I love music, and I love to dance and sing. I have to be really sick to not want to listen to music and sing along, or even dance a little. I mean really sick. It always peps me up. 
  • Baked goods: I know this is an odd one, but baked goods are among my favorite foods. They're delicious, they are usually easy to eat so even if you have a sore throat you can manage them and to me, they're comfort food. Thank goodness for the cafe that's within a half block from my apartment. 
  • Cheesy movies: Yes, I turn on the hallmark channel and watch silly, sappy movies when I'm not feeling well. What can I say? There's no plausible explanation for this - and luckily no picture to document it.
I'm sure there are more. These are the top contenders. What are your favorites? What makes you feel good no matter how bad you're feeling?  I'm curious to see how many we have in common, and how many you think are absolutely ridiculous. To all my fellow sinus/allergy sufferers - feel better soon! And in the mean time, eat some baked goods while hugging your dog and watching cheesy movies.