I believe one of the most effective ways to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health is to talk about it, and to have resources available for those with conditions, as well as those who have family and friends with mental health conditions. Below are some of my favorite resources. I very much encourage you to check them out.


Mental Health America (MHA): Especially strong in mental health advocacy, news, and information

National Alliance On Mental Health (NAMI): Strong in peer support, education, local chapters, advocacy (check this national website to find your local chapter information)

Depression Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA): Strong in support, education, education & training, wellness programs, and local chapters. Focused on depression and bipolar disorder. 

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF): Provides grants for research for conditions that affect the brain. Strong in research, news, scientific information, and events. 

Websites & Blogs

Healthy Place: Campaigns, communities, and blogs

Once Upon A Warrior:   Blogger Ashley Pfeifer writes about mental health and battling stigma in every day life. 

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