Why Lilies and Elephants?

Lilies symbolize blossoming, growth, openness, and beauty. They come in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors, displaying their uniqueness to the world. 

Elephants are incredibly intelligent and are extremely loyal to their family members and those in their group. They are thought to have inexplicable intuition. They are strong but generally gentle, often misunderstood. Yet they stand their ground when they or a member of their family is threatened, not allowing themselves to be pushed down and trodden on. 

The combination of these characteristics is what I believe life should be all about. When it comes to mental health, it's a perfect description of the fight against stigma. We are beautiful, one of a kind, not understood by many. We're opening up more and more every day, and we're surprisingly strong. We will not allow ourselves to be knocked down by those who underestimate us. And hence, you have Lilies and Elephants. 

For your viewing pleasure... some elephants from my trip to Africa in 2009.

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