Sunday, September 18, 2011

Goodbye, 31

This is my last week of year 31. It's become a family joke that my birthday is bad luck. It's not really, I hope, but there have been a lot of unfortunately timed occurrences that just so happen to have taken place within a week or so of my birthday over the years. Since teasing each other is an art form in my family, my unlucky birthday has become part of our standard repertoire.

In all candor, 31 hasn't been my favorite year and I'm ready to wish it good riddance. Still, there have been some wonderful aspects to this past year and I'd like to focus on those. I'm sure there are things my friends and family could add, so feel free - I'm sure I can't think of everything! These aren't really in any order, though I'd say the first one is probably right there at the top of the list. Enjoy, discuss, add to your liking.

  • My twin niece and nephew were born in December. My beautiful girl Maggie and my little man Owen are just precious and I'd like to think that they already love their Aunt Maya, but I'm pretty sure I'm putting words in their mouth, since all they say right now is "da da da da".
  • All of the Northen "kids", significant others and their kids got together for a family reunion. This might be the first time we've done this without a particular cause (wedding, major birthday, etc) ever. It was a blast and so great to see everyone! 
  • It took a lot of brainstorming and decision making and I figured out a new direction in which I want to develop part of my business. I'm very excited about it and learning how to put that plan into action. 
  • I became more involved than ever in some of my favorite industry organizations and have had the chance to meet and collaborate with some fabulous industry people. I look forward to keeping this growing during year 32. 
  • I've reconnected with some childhood friends that I'd either lost touch with or hadn't been in as close of contact with. Thanks to Facebook (truly) we were able to re-connect and are now probably as close or closer than we were as kids. 
  • I've made some wonderful new friends that I didn't anticipate making. I don't believe people just "come into and go out of your life for a reason" as so many say. I believe people make an effort for others and if both of you make this effort, you can become friends and the "out of your life"  doesn't have to happen. 
  • My family and best friends have, as always, been one of my pilars of support. I truly wouldn't be able to make it without you. 
  • I've allowed myself to be convinced that I'm amazing and deserve the best, that I don't need to apologize for everything and that I am worth making the effort for. This took 31 years to learn - almost 32. It's invaluable and I work every day to try to remember it and your frequent reminders help. Thank you.
  • I had quite possibly the best few months over the summer that I've had in a long time. I learned how to feel like a kid again, if even for a short while. 
To all those that have made 31 as good as can be, and all those who plan to make 32 the best year ever - as I'm convinced it must be - thank you. You're wonderful. 

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