Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Muse in Transition

Two Fridays ago, between my two blogs, I wrote about 10 posts, thinking forward to the past week when a very good friend was flying in and I didn't think I'd have time to write, but wanted to post every day to complete the blog challenge. In my final post on the 31st, I said that I'd probably take a couple of days off before starting my September posts - for which I'm not doing a challenge and plan to post two, or perhaps sometimes three, days a week.

Then, over that weekend, I must have thought at least five or six times, "hey, you know what would make a good post?". It's like the muse in me has been awakened over the last month. Oddly enough, I posted twice in the whole month of July, or something like that. Then I started this blog challenge, and it feels sometimes like I can't stop creating (or as some might interpret it, can't shut up!). I find this way more for my personal blog than my business blog, which is interesting to me, and supports some beliefs I've had about my "purpose" being to share with the world my story and use that as a building block for support, education, and awareness of mood and anxiety disorders. How, I'm not completely sure yet. 

I find inspiration in conversations, street and window signs, random images, ideas that pop in my head, and numerous other outlets. I'm not always inspired. When I'm not, I do one of two things- either don't write, or try various methods that might get me into an inspired state. This all being said, as much as I like to talk about me and my thoughts, I'd like to write about things that might be concerning, confusing, interesting to others as well. 

Here are some of the topics I want to cover:
  • More on finding inspiration, muses, etc. I feel this is important for those that have mood cycling, anxiety, depression, and the like, as this inspiration can often lead them to discovering more about their condition and themselves, at least in my opinion. It can also, as it has in my case, provide them with ways in which they can look at their conditions in a different light. 
  • The next steps for/the direction in which I want to continue working on support, education, an awareness of mood and anxiety disorders. Most importantly - what's most needed along these lines, and how can I work to get there. 
  • Creativity, imagination, and creation. 
  • Fear - one of my absolute favorite topics to write on. 
  • Sleep and dreams. I can in no way interpret dreams - it'll be more inquisitive. 
I would absolutely love suggestions. While in part I write this blog for getting out my ideas and sharing my journey, a large reason for my starting this and the facebook group was to help others, and so it's very important to me to do that as best as I can. If you have concerns or questions, things you'd like to discuss or hear about, please let me know. If I don't know what to say about it, I'll be honest, but I'll put it out there - someone must have something to say about it! 

PS I'm publishing from my phone today, so if it's in a weird format I apologize. I'm a writer, not a technology expert!

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