Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A to Z

On my Chimera Travel Facebook page, I started an alphabet theme. Each day, I post a picture of a city I've visited, going down the alphabet day by day. So I started with a city that begins with A, and am ending with a city that begins with Z.

The concept has worked well, and I thought, what if I did the same with this blog? There has to be a trait, characteristic, topic that begins with each letter - I'll admit I might have to cheat on "x" - that I could use for the basis of a blog.  After a brief skim through in my mind, I found more than one for most letters, many of which could make excellent topics. And so it begins. The next blog will surround a topic that begins with the letter "A", and I'll go from there.

Have suggestions? I'm happy to take them!

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