Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Father's Day Quiz

For Father's Day, my dad did a quiz about his father, which was part reminiscent from things I'd known, and part a bit of new trivia. So I thought, in turn, I'd do a quiz about my father. In the days of Facebook, when even those who don't see him weekly as I do can be updated on family happenings, this quiz is probably a bit easier than that about my grandfather who passed away fourteen years ago, and grew up in the first have of the previous century. Still, though, I thought it would fun - mostly to share some fun facts/funny stories, but also to reminisce as well. So here we go:

1. Dad was involved in the march on Washington and other protests during the Vietnam war. However, he nothing to worry about when it came to personally being drafted - he'd never have been "approved" because he's allergic to penicillin.

2. Dad was the first person in his family to graduate from college. He originally wanted to be a veterinarian but his studies led him elsewhere.

3. When we were young, one of our favorite games created by dad was to put the kitchen wok in the middle of the floor on a bed sheet, pop popcorn in it, and run after the popcorn as it flew out of the open wok.

4. Dad has held all of the following jobs during his life: paper boy, bus driver, pizza delivery man, shoe salesman.

5. When we were young, dad used to create scavenger hunts for us around the house and yard, with little prizes at the end.

6. Dad's parents were originally from North Dakota and North Carolina.

7. Dad is the only one in our immediate family (parents and siblings) that is left handed.

8. Dad has lost his camera on at least three continents.

9.  Dad used to be a picky eater, but he's now gotten quite adventurous.

10.  While dad has adjusted to the way we speak on the East Coast, he still says pin and pen the same way, as he learned growing up.

1. False: He wouldn't have been drafted, but it's because he's allergic to bee stings. It's Eli and I who are allergic to Penicillin.

2. True: He ended up as an educator in numerous facets.

3. False: While we played this game, surprisingly dad was not the one that created it.

4. False: Have you ever seen dad's shoes? He did hold the rest of the jobs, however.

5. True: This was one of my favorite activities as a kid.

6. False: His mom was from North Dakota, but his dad was from Virginia.

7. True: Though I believe at least one of his grandchildren inherited the left-handedness.

8. False: Believe it or not, I can only think of two continents on which he's lost his camera on - North America (numerous places) and South America (Argentina).

9. False: I honestly can't name a food dad doesn't like, and I don't think they were allowed to be picky eaters growing up with seven kids in the family.

10. True: While I've never heard it particularly, he says he can't distinguish between the two.

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