Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Help Me Embarrass Myself in the Name of Suicide Prevention

As I've mentioned previously, I've signed up for the Out of Darkness Overnight Walk for suicide prevention and awareness again this year. I've already written a blog asking for donations and explaining the cause. Asking for money is always tough for me - even for such a worthwhile, and literally life-saving cause. So, inspired a bit by the ALS ice bucket challenge (naysayers, please hold your tongues here, I've also written a blog asking people to stop being so negative about that), I thought it would be easier to ask for money if I created some sort of challenge myself.

I tried to come up with something creative, but it seems my creativity is limited to the written word, and perhaps things such as vision boards and photo books. However, I have a lot of creative friends and family, and also a lot of friends and family that would thoroughly enjoy watching me embarrass myself. So given that, I thought it would be me more fun if I let you guys come up with the challenges.

Here are the rules:

1. Create a challenge that you'd like to see me do, along with the dollar amount that you'll donate to my cause if I complete it.

2. If I choose to accept the challenge, I will attempt it, and video it as proof.

3. If I complete it, you then donate the money to my walk fund as promised.

4. If I attempt and am for some reason unable to complete it successfully, you can choose to still donate anyways (A for effort kind of thing) or create another challenge for me to attempt for the same amount.

5. I will post the videos of the challenges on social media, and if you'd like, your name as the challenger. You can choose if you'd like me to post your donated amount or not. I will only post information you'd like me to. If you'd prefer nothing be posted (including the video), I can send you the video via text or email to confirm that I completed the challenge.

Now, the rules for the actual challenge proposals:

1. It cannot be anything that could lose me my job/clients.

2. It cannot be illegal or immoral (this includes eating meat, people. Personally, for myself, I have a moral aversion to eating meat).

3. It doesn't have to be funny. It can be anything you choose. People just tend to like to see me embarrass myself, so I figure they'll trend in that direction.

4. It cannot negatively affect another human or living being.

5. I must be fully clothed, or at least clothed enough that rule numbers 1 and 2 are still applicable. (e.g. I'll not go streaking Old School style through the neighborhood.)

6. It should be something I at least have a chance of physically being able to do - I'm 5'0 in heels. I will never be able to slam dunk a basketball without some sort of assistance.

I will accept challenges via this blog, on Facebook, Twitter, email, or text (if I know you personally). If you are super nice, and don't want to see me embarrass myself, you are welcome to just donate, of course. Whether you request a challenge or not, here is the link for donation.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward (or not!) to seeing what you all come up with! 

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