Monday, February 26, 2018

New Adventures Part 2

It's been a while. I've been busy, ironically. But, I have some exiting news to share: I got a new job. It kind of fell in my lap, an offer via a friend. It's both my comfort zone, but not. It's admin work (in zone), related to the government (out of zone). I'm working as an assistant to a Borough Manager in a nearby borough. I am currently completing my second week there - waited a bit to announce because... Murphy's Law.

I'm learning a ton, just in the two weeks I've been here. Like everything that has to go on behind the scenes for even the seemingly smallest tasks. I'm learning (this) borough administration's connection to the fire and police departments, all of (read some, with many to learn) the abbreviations for every little thing that happens in the town, and the team effort each new project or program takes. What I I'm enjoying most about it about is the variety and, above all, the opportunity to provide truly interesting and exciting programs to the borough.

On top of this all, I have a regular schedule, Monday through Friday 8:30-4:30. High five sleep schedule. The only "downside"?  I'm learning the struggle that is trying to make appointments and complete tasks with companies open M-F, 9-5. No more  2PM on a weekday haircuts or vet appointments. But it's a "sacrifice" I'm willing to make. Also, my husband is awesome and takes care of as much as he can if things must be done during the day (sadly, he cannot get a haircut for me. And I'll leave a pause here for those who know/have seen my husband to make the joke...).

I'm also using this opportunity to revamp my routines/schedule a bit. Working in travel and event-based environments, the routine has been... non-existent, more  or less. And for a mood cycler, this can be dangerous. Things that are incredibly important to keeping cycles down include: sleep, structure, and not having your outside world as topsy turvey as your inside world. Now, I can get up at the same time every day and work out before work. I am done at the same time each day, so I can pick an evening or two ahead of time that I want to go to yoga. I can get into a regular bedtime routine (other than the nights like last night when we're up late playing Zelda, but I digress).  I'm able to plan, and organize, and that's huge for me. I even had extra energy this weekend to do a lot of cooking for the week ahead. It felt amazing. I felt accomplished, and it was a huge boost to my confidence, which I'm always grateful for.

We never know what life will hold. My goal right now is to try as best I can to take the opportunities that life presents to me, to see where they lead.  


  1. It really sounds as though everything is going well during your first two weeks. Isn't it nice to have a regular schedule and actually knowing when you are supposed to work and for how long?

  2. Congratulations Maya! Sound like a wonderful job. I am also happy for you to have an 8:30-4:30 daily shift it will make your life so much easier