Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Why Elephants?

Someone recently asked me why I liked elephants. I don't remember the exact reply, but I believe I'd had too much coffee (or perhaps too little) and didn't actually give a very clear or intelligible answer. So many people inquire about my love of elephants that I thought it warranted an explanation in the form of a short blog. So, here you go. 

Bronson, my adopted pygmy elephant from Borneo.
(Photo courtesy of WWF)

As most people know, I love animals in general. I don't eat meat - or seafood, poultry or pork -  I don't wear leather or suede, I donate $1 to homeless animals every time I shop at Petsmart. So the fact that I'm so attached to an animal species should not come as a huge surprise to anyone.

Elephants have so much going for them. First off, they're also vegetarians. So they get big points there. Secondly, they have so much history. Their earlier relatives lived hundreds of thousands of years ago (or there abouts, I'm not writing a historical piece here). They've evolved a bit, but you have to admit, they do still look somewhat pre-historic. They have strong family values. Families travel together, and they rarely let anyone wander off on their own. They've been known to stay back to help an injured family member, all risking their lives to not let one of their own be left behind. If a mother dies, the others in the family take her young under their wing. I mean, these family values aren't even common in some humans, let alone other animals. Then you have their abilities.  For big guys and girls, they can move pretty fast. They're very smart; you know the phrase "memory of an elephant?" There's a reason for that.

Elephant back safari, Zimbabwe
(Photo by Michael Northen)

I've watched elephants roll in the mud and play on the banks on the Chobe River. I've seen them bathe in the river, utilizing their trunks as a large hose. I've had a stand off (in a jeep, with a guide, thank goodness) with a large male elephant. He won. We respected the species all the more for it. I've ridden on the back of an elephant through the river valleys in Zimbabwe. I've fed them food out of my hand. They're truly incredible creatures. They're generally peaceful but willing to defend what's theirs, or what they want to be theirs. They can be graceful, gentle, playful, loving, committed to their families. If you've interacted with them like I have, I can't imagine that you'd not only love them, but have a tremendous respect for these giant, intelligent creatures.

Jeep safari standoff with an elephant. No zoom used.
(Photo by Michael Northen)

Elephant bathing in the Chobe River.
(Photo by Michael Norhten)


  1. Maya, So I know what to get you for your next birthday...an elephant. :) That must have been cool to have ridden on the back of one. And I agree, about their family values. I have seen a few pieces on tv regarding elephants. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha someone got me an adopted elephant for this past birthday. I guess that's closest i'll get. The elephant back safari was amazing. Only downside was that my elephant, Jock, literally stopped to eat every 5 minutes so we lagged behind the rest of the group.