Friday, August 30, 2013

10 Easy Ways To Brighten Someone's Day (And Hopefully Your Own)

Mostly my blog is about mental health, and often focuses on the trials and tribulations that those of us dealing with conditions go through. But today, I thought I'd focus on something very positive that can apply to anyone, condition or no, as we head into this weekend that marks the unofficial end of summer. I feel times of transition, like the seasons, are a great opportunity for positivity and renewal, and it was with these thoughts that I created this list of 10 easy ways to make someone's day.  As karma can be a beautiful thing, they just might brighten your own day in return.

1. Smile at them. Genuinely, not creepliy or forced.

2. Offer a genuine and unsolicited compliment.

3. Tell them they're important to you (in a way that won't sound weird based on the nature of the relationship).

4. Show them that they're important to you (same guidelines as above).

5. Thank them for something they do, or are. Make it meaningful.

6. Do something nice for them without expecting anything in return.

7. Write them a heart-felt note or a card. Not a status or a tweet. Good old pen and paper.

8. Praise/compliment them to someone else whose opinion you value. It feels good to hear someone compliment you to others, doesn't it?

9. Express genuine interest in learning about something that's important to them - a hobby, a job, a passion of theirs, etc.

10. Appreciate them for just being them. Express this to them however you can do so best.

Now go ahead - go brighten someone's day. See if it doesn't just make you feel better as well. And have a safe, happy, and beautiful weekend! 

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