Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Would You Like to Write in Costa Rica?

It's no secret that I love to write. At times, I feel it's almost as essential as food or oxygen.  It's healing to the soul. It's not just the act of writing itself, but the opportunity for expression. What others explore through painting or pottery or music I find in the written word.

So a few months ago, while letting my mind wander between writing and travel, my other love, an idea suddenly sparked. As I do with many of my spontaneous ideas, I turned to social media and  tweeted that I would love to organize a destination writing retreat. It was an impromptu gesture that I figured most people wouldn't see and would garner little reaction. Within minutes, a friend of mine, poet Hila Ratzabi, replied "I'll teach poetry!" In that simple exchange, a collaboration began, and a few conversations later, the Eco Poetry Retreat was born.

After several months of research and planning, we decided upon our ideal location - a quiet guest house compound in Norosa, along the western coast of Costa Rica. Norosa is known for its biodiversity, white sand beaches, spectacular surfing waves, and natural beauty. It seems the perfect place for nature-fed inspiration.

I feel that Hila, as an accomplished poet and the instructor at our retreat, gives a much better description of the workshop itself than I can probably offer, so I'll quote her here:

"In this generative poetry workshop, geared toward all levels of poets from beginner and on, Hila will provide readings and exercises that explore the ways in which poetry arises out of our relationship to the Earth."

In addition to the poetry workshop itself, participants will get to enjoy all that Costa Rica, and the Norosa area in particular, has to offer. The retreat will offer opportunities to participate in guided jungle and river tours, horseback riding, snorkeling, and more.

For more information on the retreat, please visit the Red Sofa Salon retreat page here. Of course, you are welcome to ask me any questions you have as well. Oh, and we're offering a little discount:  register by December 15, and receive $100 off! 

I'm incredibly excited about this venture, and the opportunity to share it with others.  As always, please feel free to pass along this retreat information to anyone you feel may be interested!

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