Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Ideal Typical Day

I mentioned before that I'm doing an in-app coaching plan. The most recent task in this plan was to write 500 words about your ideal typical day. I thought that this went well with my happiness exercises, and so I decided to share my own. I took some liberties here, because this particular coaching plan is about achieving your goals, and assumed that the ideal typical day was a weekday, aka a work day, and that I wasn't a rockstar millionaire or something like that, but actually living out the day to day in a career that I enjoyed but that was something I reasonably aspire to. (If you have the capabilities of being a rockstar, then perhaps that would be reasonable. For me, it's far outside of my talent zone).  

As I've discussed previously my ideas for creating a nonprofit in the mental health field, I hope that my readers can get the general idea that I used in creating this ideal typical day. Of course there are some personal details in here too, because I certainly don't aspire to be a working robot. I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments if there are any gaps that you'd like to know more about. So without further adieu.... my ideal typical day. 

I get up early - as the sun is coming up if not before. I get to the gym for a workout for about an hour. When I get home, I write my three pages, like I do every morning. My thoughts, musings, concerns, questions I have for the universe. Today, the three pages ends too quickly - I have so many thoughts and creative ideas, but I can use some brainstorming time for that later. I eat breakfast with the family before settling into the work day.

I’m starting the work day off with an all-team meeting. They’re fun and informative, and I like to have them once a month just to catch each team up with where the others are. The Family Fun Day planning is coming along nicely - the goal for this year is to get 150 people. Then we have the Mentor Meet Up event, in which mentors and mentees are going to meet in person for a community fun day. It’s the first time we’re doing this, but so far it’s looking popular with both groups. The magazine is going well, up to bi-monthly now, and with plenty of fresh writers of all ages. For the finance team, I just need to check in on the sponsorships to make sure we’re on track as we have been. And finally, we have the writing classes. I’ve been getting more and more requests for private lessons, which I love. It’s so wonderful to see the kids develop as they become more comfortable and confident in their writing and in themselves. The classes are booming too. In fact, I’ve set aside time later this week to finalize plans for the upcoming class.

After the staff meeting, I’m sitting in on a meeting of our community events team. I absolutely love having the kids help to develop the fundraising events - they come up with such creative ideas, and the enjoyment they get out of helping to develop these events is so rewarding. We try to do one every quarter to keep them engaged and keep our name “out there” with the public. And of course it helps raise additional funds for the charities and our organization.

I’m done meetings for the morning, and now I’m off to help with Suspended Coffee day. This isn’t a program that makes any money for me whatsoever, but I just love it. We work with a different local coffee shop each time, though some rotate in rather regularly. I dont have to do anything special here per se, but I like to be there to see how it’s going, offer suggestions if a new employee gets stuck with something, and just enjoy the positive atmosphere.

After a quick lunch at the coffee shop, the last official order of business is a private writing lesson with one of my favorite students. She’s come such a long way, and I feel like more of a mentor to her in a way. We write, but we also just talk about life, and I’ve seen her blossom emotionally before my eyes.

I’ll end the work day with some writing of my own. A post on my personal blog and draft for the magazine, Expressive Minds, though that will definitely need some editing later.

To wind down the day, I do some yin yoga. It’s the short class, but it’s something, and it’s the perfect relaxation after a busy yet enjoyable day. I head home to help with dinner. It’s taco night - my personal favorite. 

It’s taken a lot of hard work, but I can definitely say I love what I do and I have the best team of people. I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else.

I can honestly say that writing this ideal typical day not only energized me, but it made it seem possible somehow. How, I've yet to fully determine. But the idea of looking at your typical day, of breaking it down into the day to day so that it seems like just your normal day, is very motivating inspiring.

What would your ideal typical day look like? Could you write it down? It doesn't have to be 500 words (or it could be more). It just helps to give it some thought. But don't think too hard - what comes to us naturally tends to be the most authentic, the most intuitive into our hearts and souls. I'd love to hear what you come up with, even if you just want to share a few lines!

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