Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Little Blogger Quiz

As personal as my blog is, it tends to be deeply personal. I touch on the depths of my brain and my heart and my soul. But I often don't touch on the fun things about myself, the that are less intense, and I think every blogger needs to be well-rounded. Instead of writing an "about me" post per se - there's a tab on my blog home page for that- I thought I'd do a fun little quiz to see how much you all know about me. I'd love to see your answers in the comments section below!

1. Let's start with something ridiculously easy and obvious.  My favorite animal is a/an __________________. (This is a gimme, guys!). 

2. Another pretty simple one. My dog's name is ___________________________. 

3. I'm not really bilingual, but I speak rudimentary _________________________.

4. When I was little, I wanted to be a __________________ when I grew up. (I'll take one of two answers). 

5.  I have a tattoo of a _______________ on my _____________. (Appropriate answers, please!). 

6. I have an odd fear of getting locked in a ____________________.  

7.  If I were a mythical/magical/fantastical being, I'd want to be a ______________? (Two possible answers). 

8. My first concert ever was ___________________.  

9. I once had this song dedicated to me at a wedding in front of 100+ people _________________. 

10. My lucky number is ______________. 

11. In college, I studied abroad in  ___________________ (country name).  

12. I was a gymnast from age 6 through 20. My best event (apparatus) was ________________.  

13.  A few years ago, I did an elephant back safari in this country ______________________. 

14. I think men look super cute when they wear __________________. (Tip: the answer is not "birthday suit"). 

15. I'm a vegetarian, but I despise eating  _________________. (It's a vegetable). 

16. I'm moderately afraid of heights, but I once did this on a dare because someone I particularly didn't like bet me I wouldn't do it. _________________. 

Enjoy! Please put your comments below. I'd love to see how everyone does. Even if you have no idea, just guess - sometimes the wrong answers are way more fun than the right ones. 

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