Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Top 10 Signs That You're A Chronic Illness Advocate (Even If You Don't Know It)

I read a lot of "top 10 signs that" lists. Mostly because I'm bored and/or am curious to see where I fall in the category. Today's was "50 signs you're a modern day hippie." I got to number 10, realized I'd answered yes to every one of them, and figured I didn't need to read further. And then I thought, hmm. I should do one of these about mental health/chronic illness.

Obviously, we all know if we live with chronic illness, so I couldn't do a "top 10 signs that you live with chronic illness".  Nor did I want anyone that doesn't know that they live with chronic illness to diagnose themselves based on my post. So I figured I'd give it a more positive spin - top 10 signs that you're a chronic illness advocate (possibly without even realizing it).

1. You understand the spoon theory and use it to explain your illness to friends and family frequently.

2. Hearing "you don't look sick" (or any form of it) makes you want to throw something at the person's head.

3. You aren't afraid to bust out your meds/other easily portable treatment in the middle of ... anything, because health must be a priority, no matter who you're with or what you're doing.

4. You know which color represents your illness and proudly wear it (and post it!) on National fill in the name of your illness Day. Or randomly. Because why not? (Serendipitously, as I wrote this I looked down and realized I was wearing green - the color for mental health - today.)

5. You actively support other chronic illness causes with donations, attending walks/events, wearing their colors, etc, because you know that living with any chronic illness freaking sucks.

6. You know that no matter how ill, exhausted, ragged, down, frustrated others living with chronic illness are at times, that they're strong as shit. You remind them regularly of how amazing they are.

7. When someone starts to speak negatively about your illness or someone with it, you stand up ready to take them out as if they'd insulted your child/beloved pet.

8. You have no qualms talking about your illness because awareness must be raised and people must be educated about it. If it makes someone else uncomfortable, good riddance to them.

9. Other spoonies are kindred spirits.

10. You're the first person who's likely to poke fun at yourself, because sometimes the option is to laugh or cry, and crying isn't nearly as enjoyable.

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