Friday, November 11, 2016

My Chronic Illness Community

HAWMC Day 11:  Friday follow! Create a must follow list for your community:
• Top 10 Tweeters
• Top 10 blogs
• Top 10 Facebook pages

I have to be honest. I'm going to suck at this post. I'm super twitter heavy, with a decent of Instagram mixed in recently, so I can't really speak to all mediums. Nor do I have a Top 10 in the traditional sense, because I hate ranking people. Being a mental health advocate, I hate to do anything that could make any advocates feel "not quite as good as the others", when they're trying so hard. Every advocate's posts/tweets/shares/etc are valued.  So instead, I'll share some that I interact with regularly, that I find valuable as a community and as advocates. Plus it helps diversity our lists. If every list had the same people, we'd be doing each other a disservice, based on the number of advocates out there. These are only in the order of my messy brain, as are most things. Which is to say, not much of one.

  • @Marlajan 
  • @JessicaGimeno 
  • @melissavhr 
  • @SMHoenig
  • @DawnMGibson
  • @BekaLombardo 
  • @BipolarHotMess
  • @IngredientsWeCh
  • @SamosaManiac
  • @BreatheMia
  • @TheSarahFader
  • @JediMaster941
  • @IAmTakingCharge
  • @StigmaFighters
  • @SereneButterfly
  • @SurvingMyPast
There are so many others. I know that's more than 10, but since I don't have much for the other platforms, I figured that's ok. Plus I'm not much of a rule follower. I honestly can't give enough credit to all of the advocates out there. If we don't connect often, please, reach out! I'm always interested in meeting new advocates, or reconnecting with people I haven't "talked" to in a while. 

As for sitesblogs, I primarily blogs of my twitter friends above, such as Luck Fupus (@marlajan's site), Fashionably Ill (@jessicagimeno's site), and Stigma Fighters (@thesarahfader's site). If you have a blog I haven't listed, or a Facebook page, by all means, share! I need to get better at blog and Facebook following. 

Finally, while this isn't one of the mediums requested above, I follow Introvert Doodles on Isntagram. While not advocacy related per se, if you are an introvert with anxiety (especially social anxiety), you'll understand why I follow this. Being an introvert in an extrovert world is always a bit tricky. Being an introvert with chronic illness, such as anxiety, is a double wammy when it comes to interacting with the way the world expects us to. I find it completely relatable, and often quite funny. 

Sorry this is such a messy list. That's how my brain works, folks. 

Happy Friday! 

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