Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What Would Your Ideal Day Look Like?

HAWMC Day 9:  Happy Hump Day! No denying life can get hectic, but let’s take a mid-week break to fantasize our ideal day! Would you go somewhere? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?

There are so many places this could go. But I'm going to assume some ground rules. Like you can't bring someone or something (ahem, Cinn the cutest dog ever in the whole world) back to life. I also presume I can't eliminate my illnesses, even in this perfect day, or have a spouse and children that aren't even in the works. I'm assuming I have to, instead, work with what I have. I'm not trying to dampen but mood, but based on "have you had this day", I'm going to assume resurrecting beings and creating children out of thin air isn't what this is going for. 

It's tough to think of a "perfect day", because what would be a perfect day depends on my mood. Some days a perfect day is being left alone and hanging out with my dog Grace, reading and drinking red wine (me, not the dog - though I guess on a perfect day why not. Maybe she likes red wine and historical fiction in utopia too). But if I had to choose one thing, here it is. I'd be in Europe, probably Paris, with loved ones, family. I'd be sitting in the sun on a perfectly warm but not overly hot day, eating a fresh baguette and cheese and drinking wine (there's still wine involved either way) and watching people in the Tuilleries or Luxembourg Gardens. I'd be with those I love who love me, and I'd be happy. Since I'm not allowing myself to erase my illnesses, I'll at least say that since it's my ideal day, none of them acting up. No mood cycling, no anxiety or panic, no exhaustion from CFS, no running to the bathroom every 10 minutes with IBS, no migraines or vertigo. Just happy, able to enjoy the day in as healthy a fashion as one can with several chronic illnesses. 

Also, I'd be surrounded by friendly, happy dogs that let me pet them, which would be ok because it'd be perfectly safe.  Because I love dogs and this is my perfect day so it makes sense, even if it doesn't really. Let's just pretend somehow my dog is there too, since there are already dogs and I can't leave her out. And while we're at it, she's really well behaved and listens to every command and doesn't look like she's experiencing an exorcism because she can't contain her excitement every time she seems another dog. This is probably the biggest stretch of this entire reverie but hey you never know. 

There'd probably be some writing in this day. And several cups of coffee or cappucino or whatever coffee-esque beverage I felt like. Probably some music too - maybe a street band, like I've seen several other times there. Nothing too intense, just enjoyable, upbeat music that I can relax and listen to while eating my baguette and cheese, drinking my wine, and petting dogs with my family in the garden. 

Have I had this day? No, not entirely. I have been in Paris with different family members several times. But not all of my family members that I'm close to at once. I have sat at the Tuilleries and Luxembourg Gardens and watch life happened. I've eaten fresh baguettes and cheese, though not in the gardens. I've drank plenty of wine. I've never been to Paris with my dog, which I think is needless to say but since the question asks, I'll answer. I've never been surrounded by friendly french dogs letting me pet them in the gardens, but I have hung out with a "house dog" at a hotel named Cannelle, which is particularly ironic because Canelle means Cinnamon, the name of my beloved dog that I lost last year. (CYA I might be spelling Canelle wrong. I was told the meaning by the dog's owner).  So I've kind of had this day, in bits and pieces. I can't remember how I was feeling. But I was in Paris eating baguettes and cheese and drinking wine and petting a dog named Cinnamon, so probably better than I would be on the average day here, even if I felt like absolute crap there. Because it's Paris and I'm traveling with loved ones. 

What do I have to do to make this happen? High tale it back to Paris with my loved ones.... and my dog, which won't actually happen. But I can get close enough I suppose. I should do so, and soon. It's been two years since I've been to Paris, and that's two years too long. 

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