Friday, August 31, 2012

Ah Blog Challenge, It's Been A Pleasure!

Just over a  month ago, I challenged myself and a few friends to blog every day in the month of August. Keep in mind, July was very busy and I believe I'd posted a whopping two blogs on here that whole month. This was one of the reasons I created the challenge. I realized that if I had a chance of anyone subscribing to my blog I'd have to actually, well, blog!

In addition to this, I have my Chimera Travel blog, for which I was also undertaking the challenge. That meant writing 62 posts in the month of August. I'll admit that sometimes I "cheated". I wrote several blogs in a day, to be posted on subsequent days. In fact, as of the writing of this, I've written about 9 or 10 posts between my two blogs today, because I have company company coming in next week (this week if you're reading this) and don't know what my schedule will be like. Besides, sometimes when the muse hits you, you just have to write. Seems silly to squelch it simply because you've already written your post for the day. The point is, though, that I have successfully written 62 blogs in the month of August - this one being the finale (yes, it counts!).

My blog challenge was exhilarating, especially on this personal blog. With so many posts to write, I let my brain wander quite a bit to come up with ideas, though honestly it wasn't usually very difficult. I had to become more creative and imaginative, while still keeping the general loose theme of the blog itself. I allowed myself to go deeper into my brain an emotions, and bring it forward on this page. In the process, I learned a lot more about myself and others as well - many people have reached out to me to discuss my blogs and/or let me know that it resonated with them.

With this challenge complete, I still plan to blog a couple of times a week. I'd like to keep it at two posts per week at least, more when I have something I just really need to get out of my brain and want to share.

To those who urged me to keep writing, who undertook the challenge with me, who shared my posts with others, and who supported me in general, especially with some posts that weren't the easiest to write, a huge thank you! I might take Labor Day weekend off from blogging - I'm sure you've heard enough from me the last month to sustain you for the couple of days! But I always welcome topic suggestions and am happy to answer questions, either pertaining to a specific blog or just in general. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, and I'll see you back here in early September! 

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