Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Do You Like Me Now?

Not sure if you're familiar with the Toby Keith song by the same name (I'm going with probably not), but I kind of love it. I am not a person to shove accomplishments in people's faces or brag, partly because it's just not my personality and partly because I believe that the moment I gloat, karma's going to say "oh yeah?"

But I know that a lot of people going through a mood or anxiety condition, and just lots of people in general, who have been put down by others along the way. While you'd love to adhere to the adium "no one can make you feel bad unless you let them", it can be difficult, especially when it's done by those that you trust, who's opinion you value.

So if you feel like people haven't believed in you, supported you, or just plain treated you like you deserved, do yourself a favor. List all of your accomplishments (in recent years - that flute solo in 4th grade doesn't need to be on the list unless it was some major highlight). That being said, be generous with yourself - don't say "well, I did this but really, I had help and it's not that big a deal." Write down everything you've done that you set out to do, and even those you haven't planned intentionally, but accomplished anyway. Involvement in organizations, volunteer projects, work, relationships, family - whatever it is that your proud of. Here are some examples from my life:

1. Run my own travel company. How cool is that?
2. Traveled to six continents - yes, that counts as an accomplishment!
3. VP in one industry organization chapter and President of another
4. Moved into the city, a goal of mine, and living totally independent (with my dog)
5. Started a blog and Facebook group to help others struggling with mood and anxiety conditions
6. Have been asked to speak at multiple conferences in the travel industry.
7. Have a strong group of friends and family that I wouldn't trade for anything

I'm sure there are more, but these are a few of the essentials. I'm sure you could make a list twice as long. So when old familiar demons start to creep back in, when someone (including yourself!) starts to put you down, or you remember hurtful words from someone who didn't believe in you as they should make a list, think of those people, and simply say to yourself "how do you like me now?!". 

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