Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Challenge

Happy August! Can you believe it? Summer has flown by - and so has 2012 for that matter!

With the start of this new month, I'm doing a blog challenge on both of my blogs (here and my travel blog, which currently sits on my TraveLuxe site while my usual travel blog space gets some adjustments.). I'm hoping to blog every day in August, which means that with both blogs, that's 62 total. Whew! I won't lie, this counts as one, and it's going to be pretty similar on both blogs. Why am I doing this? A few reasons, in no particular order:

1. I want to get more in a regular habit of blogging, even when traveling. I don't want to use the "I'm busy" excuse - my huge pet peeve - or to let this important aspect of my business and life go when I'm traveling.

2. I want to push myself a bit in the area of blogging.

3. I truly want to increase the information I get out there, touch my readers more, and hopefully build a larger readership. This, really is the primary reason.

4. I want to help myself and my readers discover new areas/topics that I can explore on my blog that I might not have thought to write about otherwise.

So if you have suggestions for topics, please let me know - the comment section or personal message is fine. After all, the ultimate point of this blog is to help support, raise awareness, and educate about mood and anxiety disorders, and topics that come along with them (life, really), so I would love your input!

Thank you for reading! Until tomorrow!