Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Idea Swap

The other day I had a wonderful conversation with my sister Melissa. I think I've mentioned before, and I know it's listed on my blog main page, but she writes the wonderful blog Swell Notes. You should read it. Seriously. I'm not just saying this because she's my sister. She's been doing this blog challenge with me, and I love taking a break from my blogging to read hers, as well as the others listed on my blog's favorites (check them out!).

During this conversation we caught up with each other, of course, and then talked about blogging and creativity. We have a lot in common, in our values and our beliefs, and it was great to explore our thoughts and pick each others brains a bit. We discussed books we'd read on the topic of creativity and inspiration, passed ideas by each other, an offered suggestions where the other might be stuck.

When I got off the phone, I was struck by this random idea - go figure! Wouldn't it be great to orchestrate some sort of idea swap? Here's where my brain went on this one. I've already mentioned numerous times how my brain rambles, but bear with me because I really like this concept. You could get together a group of people who feel stuck, or uncreative, or just even undecided about something in life. Everyone write a quick blurb about where they feel stuck on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it into a hat (or bowl or whatever). Each person draws out a piece of paper - if you choose your own, throw it back in. We'd provide a certain time frame, probably based on the type of ideas thrown into the hat, in which to come up with suggestions to try to help that person get unstuck. Reconvene, and share. I'm nearly positive that once the conversation got going, not only would the person who drew your piece of paper have ideas, but so would others.

Obviously, it would have to be something you felt comfortable sharing and discussing in a small group. For me that's pretty much anything, but I understand that's not the same for everyone. Think, though, of the creativity, imagination, and idea generation that could come out of something like this. I'm also willing to bet that once others start offering suggestions for your "sticking point" that you might even start coming up with ideas yourself. Sometimes all it takes is to get the ball rolling and talk it out.

I have no idea how one would organize such a thing, or how many people would participate, but I'd love to try. I wouldn't want to limit it to locals, so I'm sure people could participate by phone or, even better, skype. What do you think? Would you give it a try? 

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