Saturday, August 25, 2012

I Like Men in Pajama Pants

This is actually a true statement. While hear friends say "I like men in uniform" or "I like men in suits", I reply, "I like men in pajama pants". Then they all laugh at me. And yes, for the gentlemen reading this, we do talk about this stuff, so take note.

While it's kind of become a joke, it really is one of my favorite outfits (if you can call it that) on men. Let me clarify that I mean at home, relaxing, watching tv, etc. Not out at the bar on a Friday night. While you may think this is an odd topic for a blog - and I would agree - there is a reason behind this. Besides the fact that I love pajama pants myself, the reason I like this look on men is that it's kind of a humbling look. It's pretty tough to be macho in pajamas. Seriously. If you try to act tough, brave, all-knowing, manly, and such, I'm just going say "yeah, but you're wearing pajamas with dogs (snowman, stripes, fish, whatever) on them. Now sit down, eat your ice cream, and finish watching house hunters with me. I find they usually do, and are actually relieved that they can totally just be themselves, lounging on the couch in comfy clothes, indulging in mint chocolate chip, and watching rather mindless  TV.

For the record, this blog isn't a bash on men, nor is it directed solely at men. I feel everyone is more comfy and more themselves in pajamas. I mean think about it, one of the first things we do when we get home is change out of our work clothes, right? I just used that as an example, because I enjoyed the story and it provided a good intro.

Humbleness (or humility) is one of my favorite qualities in a person, not just for relationship purposes, but everyone I interact with. Sadly, I find that it's not a very common one. Don't get me wrong, I'm a full proponent of realizing your strengths, not letting others tell you what you can and can't accomplish, and growing your self confidence. But humble and confident are not mutually exclusive. You can believe in yourself, without believing that you know it all and understanding your weaknesses as much as your strengths.

If you want to be humbled, drive away from the city at night to a place where there are few houses and trees, and look up at the sky. Or watch someone who has very little donate to a cause, or stop and help someone in need. If you're traveling, find something larger than life - ancient cities built by hand, animals wandering the African plain. Traveling is a magnificent way to be quickly humbled. It might just be a matter of getting out of your routine - try a skill that you've never tried, that you feel you probably aren't very good at. It's an easy way to bring yourself back down to earth.

Finally, look at your priorities. If you're not putting the people in your life, you might be moving away from humility. I realize everyone has priorities, but think about it - do you truly think that you're so important at your job that you can't take five minutes to send a text to someone that's important to you? Are you so incredible that your clients can't stay for you to be away for an hour or two so that you can show those that care about you that it's reciprocal? It might take a lot to admit this, but honestly, everyone is replaceable in their job. When you start to think that you're not, that you're so important that you can't take some time away, you may need to do one of those humbling activities I mentioned above. Or put on some pajama pants, pull out the Ben & Jerry's, and turn on HGTV. If you choose that option, you know you'll have at least one fan! 

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