Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Someone asked me today what my goal in life was. If I could accomplish one thing what would it be. I replied, very truthfully, that my goal is to be happy. It sounds a lot simpler than it is, I assure you. We never know what will or won't make us happy. We can't script it, and we're often surprised by the outcome. Still, there are some consistencies to my happiness through life thus far. As a tribute to happiness, I thought I'd dedicate my blog today to some of those things that make me happy, with pictures to illustrate. These aren't in a particular order (though family is at the top, as are friends and Cinn). In full disclosure, I had trouble ordering them after the first picture, so they're in the ordered they uploaded. 

Family (this is my niece & nephew's first birthday)
Cinn - my baby girl
Friends. Me & my best friend, Kris, who I've known since I was 8, being silly. 

Three things captured here: early morning explorations, sunshine, being on the water. 
Watching rain storms when I'm inside
Flowers, especially lilies
Animals of all kinds, especially elephants
Music, especially live, and dancing. Me at a Kenny Chesney concert.
Christmas. and the holiday season. I'm like a kid. This is NYC at the holidays. 
Discovering new places 

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